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Howick Arboretum – A United Nations of trees and shrubs….

The Arboretum was opened by Roy Lancaster on 29th April 2006. It covers about 65 acres at the moment and virtually all of it has been grown from seed collected in the wild since 1985. There are about 12,500 trees and shrubs from about 1,800 taxa planted in six geographical groups:-

  • China, Nepal and the Himalayas; China, Taiwan, Bhutan
    and Sikkim
  • East Asia; Japan, Korea, East and Central Russia
  • India and Pakistan (the western end of the Himalayas)
  • North America; USA, Canada, with a tiny contribution
    from Mexico
  • Europe; most countries, with a touch from the Middle East
    and the Atlas Mountains
  • Southern Hemisphere; New Zealand, Tasmania and Chile
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